Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Furniture fun...

new furniture...well, dh and I went last is the result.  His first choice as a set that came only in first choice was much simpler, is the 'compromise'.  The ottoman is my stipulation, I have 4 grandkids in the 2 and under range (okay one is still in the womb) so for the next few years, we will have an ottoman for a coffee table.

So, the man now has 5 reclining spots in the living room.  And he has been trying out each spot before he claims his.  Couch and recliner (aka 'man chair') are covered with blankets...because...

dh was 'afraid' that the cats were eyeballing his new furniture.  (in this pic they do look black).  He should be scared, that is our 'velociraptor' cat next to the man chair.   Though last night, I proclaimed it the woman chair and told him it is MY new spot.
I put the old ottoman in the bedroom...and Percy has claimed it.  Funny thing, dh keeps bumping into it when he gets up during the night...last night he even fell across it.  He accused me of putting it there for that purpose, I told him it was just an added benefit. 
yup, too much fun.   For my birthday I ordered a new duvet and curtain set.  That old blue blanket I have had (and will have) for over 15 years.  It was brought to us by dd's friend's family as a gift when they made a trip to is my favorite and it comes out every winter. 

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Anne B said...

Great to see your new furniture. ad to laugh about the blankets on the chair - that used to happen in our house too ;)