Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a Christmas memory

from 2 peas:
A Christmas memory...hmmm, as a child I remember when my dad got my mom a gift, a jewelry box..after we had opened our gifts, he went to the car and got it for her. It was memorable, because I don't remember my dad giving my mom any other gift.

Another one was when our family rented a house in Long Barn, CA..so we could have a white Christmas...well, it was a shack..the entire building was not even level, the electricity was a series of extension cords, and the bunk beds broke when my son jumped into the top one..(thank God dd was not in the bottom one) BUT it was a great Christmas, kept simple, we just gave each other homemade notes in stockings and went to the local restaurant for dinner. It was great!!

so, those are my memories.

Christmas is coming on too fast for me. BUT we got the tree up tonight, DD is helping a friend plan a wedding and looking into the possibility of a career as an event planner, so I told her decorating the tree and home would be perfect practice!!
Don't you agree? Soooo...she is going to decorate for me tomorrow...yay!!!

I still haven't sent Christmas cards and I am starting to panic!!
so I better get off the computer and get started!!


Sarah C. said...

Those are great Christmas memories! It's the little moments - not the big gifts - that we recall the most over the years. Thanks for sharing those. And, I agree, great practice for your DD! Can't wait to see your beautiful tree. :)

Benita said...

Don't feel bad....I haven't even made my Christmas cards yet :) I started them, but then got busy doing something else. I may have them mailed by New Years ;)

toners said...

Great memories! Looking forward to seeing pics of your tree!