Saturday, December 29, 2007

from 2 peas:
Do you let what others think about scrapbooking/card making products influence your buying/creating?

When it comes to some tools, yes. When I read about bad experiences and tools that simply do not work, I do avoid them.

When it comes to stores, yes. I will stay away from the stores with reports of horrible customer service.

But product/embellies, no. I just use what I want, whether or not its popular.

I work today. Oh, well. I traveled so much in the month of December, I am so far behind. Christmas was good, dh's family was here and it was nice. The one brother's drinking was monitored, so no 'fight' this year. but I have to admit one of the highlights was trying to weigh the Christmas ham with my mil. She took it out of the box so it would fit in the fridge, we ended up weighing her and then weighing her with the was goofy.

Had fun spoiling dh and dil...we will celebrate with dd and her sweetie at the end of the month. So I plan to leave the tree up.

2008 is promising to be interesting. We have 3 graduations in the family, dd and neice from college in May, ds from the police acadamy in June and sister's wedding reception in March...and dare I say it, a potential wedding this fall. Nothing official, just talking and planning...a little.

Oh, and my mom wants to move back. With sister marrying, she wants to come here...should be ineresting. So as ds and dil move out of the suite, I am moving her stuff back in. (its been stored here since last December)

and I'm still working on my Christmas journal...hopefully tomorrow there will be concentrated time to type up my journaling.

Take care and have a great pre-New Year weekend. If I remember correctly, the Japanese 'tradition' is that what you do on New Year's day is what you will be doing the rest of the year. So don't shop or do major cleaning that day..good day to scrap, huh. Oh, and there is the Japanese tradition of giving money. I changed it to giving a Christian book to each of the family members, something that 'fits' with what they are going thru.

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:: gingerkitty :: said...

Love your take on Japenese tradition