Wednesday, December 19, 2007

holiday memory from school.

from 2 peas:
Share a memory you have from a holiday celebration you had in school.
Can be a holiday sing, gift exchange, etc

uhhmmm, nope, can't recall a thing, only that I've pretty much blocked my school years. Not good memories at all...but I do remember my son's kindergarten program, he was the back end of a was a one-dimensional camel with cut outs for 2 kids to hold it. He is also the one who had 'lines' was all very cute.

I've been taking part in Shimelle's journal your has been fun to use the prompts to journal. Right now the journaling are in a notebook, waiting to be typed...and I have a few pages ready for the journaling and pics. I went with a landscape 8 1/2 x 11 sketch book that I will add my scrappin' to. I don't participate in the board, except to lurk a little...just no time to sit and type.

Actually my board 'participation' is down to checking out the blog thread here on 2 peas, and the swap thread...just not responding very much these days. Hopefully, I'll get a little computer time soon. But I used to be fairly active on a couple others, but I can see that they have slowed down quite a bit, guess we are all so busy.

OH, since dil and ds have moved out, I have now taken over the other half of the scrap each day, I spread my stuff out to the other side just a little more.
I have one cabinet left...(I'm packing for her)...

yeah, as I organize my space...I DO HAVE ALOT of PAPER!!!

so, gotta plan my organizing strategy.
Have a great Weds ya'll!!


Colleen said...

Enjoy having more space for your scrpa stuff and I know what you mean about participating on boards less this time of year!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you might not of had too many good memories about high school, but you did meet one of your oldest friends there. Guess Who