Tuesday, December 11, 2007

trip to AZ

I'm baaaaack!! from the wilds of Arizona.

it was quite nice, it rained pretty much the whole time we were there, BUT the hard rain was at night, soft during day. So, I can liken it to being in Hawaii, yes it rained but it was kind of nice.

OH!! Scrapbooks Etc in AZ!! whoo-wee!! whatta stop! We also ate at the little restaraunt across the street, the name escapes my but there is a pic of a girl eating a gyros...it was sooooo good! run by a Greek couple, but don't think its just Greek food, I had clam chowder and a southwest chicken sandwich, and the homemade potato salad..all were soooooo goooood!!

anyways, I digress...lets just say I managed to spend over $100.00 at Scrapbooks Etc
and only got 2 packs of cardstock, the rest was in embellies and stamps. At their 50%off table were Autumn Leaves clear stamps..had to get a couple...I did get a gift for my sis Brenda, laser cut ribbon adhesives, so I wasn't totally selfish!!

then we spent the night at our friend's houseboat on Roosevelt Lake, though it was storming outside and you heard rain all night, we were securely tied to the dock, so there was no rocking. I did tell DH that if the boat starts to sink, he had to save my Scrapbooks Etc bag, first. Hey, we gotta have our priorities, right?

the rest of the weekend was spent at their home in Safford, but on the way there we stopped for some antiqueing in Miami...that's Miami, AZ...a bit of a ghost town, but the antique stores there were fabulous. Lets just say, my friends UPS'd me 2 boxes, cuz I did not have room in my luggage. I even bought a backpack to use as carryon...

Yup, eating great, lots of shopping, good friends, all equal a great weekend.

now,I'm back to work, but only for 2 days,
next up is a trip to the wilds of Nevada...Reno, that is....

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