Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm baaaaack from the wilds of Nevada...and it was COLD!! temps in the 20's...Yucky!!! Def not a gal for cold weather.

from 2 peas: What is the latest product out on the market that you couldn't live without these days?
I soooooo miss my photo printer, it broke last Oct so I sent it to the warrenty center to be fixed. A couple of weeks ago I rec'd a replacement, but a different model that I cannot use!!! it is the model with the docking station, and I use a Canon not a Kodak! and this thing did not come with a usb cord and the ones I have do not fit!! even ordered another one, still does not work. I miss my printer!!

Well, no decorated tree yet. Cierra left for SoCal on Thursday...but she returns Tues. so, hopefully she will take care of it then. I've done some of the smaller areas of the I'll just leave her the tree!!

got a hair appt and a crop today!! should be fun!!

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toners said...

Wow! That is cold for Nevada :) Great photo op, though!