Monday, November 23, 2009

got to crop...!!

got to crop on Saturday with Dorlene and play with my Expression...I'd say Dorlene and I gave it a good initiation.
finished a book for ds..and made great progess with one of dh. (a book about dh, wow, go figure) teehee.

And I did a couple of layered diecuts. I really like her "Joy of the Season" cart.

and Sunday, got to spend time with Adriana!

she is soooo precious. I video'd her, but having trouble uploading it...she was playing with 2 pacifiers...pick one up, spit out the one in her mouth, see the one she spit it out, spit out the one in her mouth to pick up the other one...over and over...she must have spent 20-30 minutes doing that...and being grandma...I watched her!! I call it Adriana TV.

(don't worry the video isn't 20 min long, only 2)
well since I can't get the video, here is a pic of her...

oh, and the new blog header is one I took of Winston on Saturday...he was such a 'helper' with the scrapbooking. His fave..the glue dots mini paper off the role..yeah, such a helper. I had to grab him each time we used the cricut...nice of the manufacturers to give it such a fun, interesting chirp sound. uh huh...

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