Saturday, November 7, 2009

had an incident at the Savemart...

and I'm up at 3:40 am thinking about it.

I started forming my letter of complaint to the manager in my head, and it woke me up. I am soooooo non-confrontational...this is soooo out of character. I think most people would tell you that I am so calm you have to check if I'm breathing!

RUDE cashier, now, my mom is 77 years old..easily confused and, Japanese, so her English can be difficult...HOWEVER no excuse for how she was treated by this cashier. I did write a very shaky note on one of the 'how are we doing' cards; but intend to follow it up with a letter. And I mean shaky...I could not even print straight, I was soooo angry.

I wish I was one of those people who could look someone in the eye and call them out. But when I am that angry, I start to physically shake and my throat closes up...I did try to tell the gal, "My mom is 77 years old, you could be more patient" but I think it just came out as mumbling.

When I met mom in the parking lot, she had me finish the transaction, she said "Its okay, I AM Japanese"...sooo, my mom walked out of there thinking that this woman's actions were because she is a bigot? that is soooo not okay!

alright, guess I'll find the Savemart website, and see if there is a place I can email.

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Anonymous said...

That is terrible. These people these days have no respect for the elderly. Now you got me angry. Definetly write a complaint, there no excuse for rudeness.