Monday, November 9, 2009

T I R E D...

long day,

still doing well with the food/lifechange plan. No Pepsi. not even tempted.

spent some time on Sparkpeople..very inspiring to read the success stories and those who are 'just starting' like me.

ever just feel anxious? I dunno, but that is how I am feeling right now...

oh well, time to get on the treadmill and 'work it off'..right???

wish I could scrapbook...but blogging is good also, right?

something good, going to meet my friend Lucy (she lives in Florida, these days) and a group of other ladies at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch on Friday. It's all good, cheesecake factory also sells salads...right??? I invited Nyki so I can cough, cough, show her off. Yup, she can bring Adriana, if she feels like it...hmmmmhmmmm

Lucy and I have decided to 'betroth' our grandchildren. Her son had a son about a month after Adriana was born. So, this way, Adriana gets to meet her future grandmother in law!! My son says it is fine, but Adriana is not moving to South Carolina (that is where Jonah is)...he'll have to move here!

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