Friday, November 6, 2009

Cold Season has hit!!

Adriana, J and N have colds! my poor babies! (Adriana's first...I feel so unhelpful, I don't really know what to advise the kids...but they are smart kids..they will do what's right)

Betsy gave me her recipe for homemade chicken was sooo yummy. Mom and I are going to make some today..I think I'll take some to the kids.

I wonder if Adriana can have chicken broth?

I'll leave out the cilantro from her portion??? (one of Betsy's secret ingredients)

okay, I , gulped, weighed myself this morning...lets just say it is more than I had in my head. Time to get serious. so, I created some short term goals for November... kick the pepsi addiction, no more indulging in sweets, take beef and pork out of the diet (I'm sure my intestines are quite impacted)...more fruits and veggies...steady time on treadmill. And in Dec, I'll add more goals...hopefully by taking it one step at a time...this time, I'll succeed.

dh says he'll buy me a Mustang if, sorry, WHEN, I reach my goal weight...and dd will pitch in to buy me new clothes if I meet my goal size..which seems so beyond me at this time, it means dropping 10 sizes. (One step at a time, right?)

oh!! happy news!! I got to buy the cricut expressions on HSN! after months of 'sharing'(I don't nag) with dh that I really want one, he agreed (thank you easy pay!) Of course, it is my early Christmas gift and I have to work more hours...but yeah! it should land @ November 18!!

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