Thursday, November 19, 2009

busy week at work..glad tom is friday.


sooo busy at work and barely have time for computer at home. I'm waiting for Wheel of Fortune to be done, so I can treadmill. (its in mom's room and that is her show)

feel like there is a lot going on...feel a li'l stressed...but cannot pinpoint what is bothering me. Ever feel that way?

hmmmm. I've been busy at work. I've been correcting some issues on the Safetruck website, if it wasn't for that project, I'd be bored.

hmmm, started my new lifestyle change in an effort to lose weight. Been 'cruising' the Sparkpeople website for ideas/articles/ inspiration. In fact today was the first day of phase 2 in the Spark diet I'm following. Guess there is stress when you are 'worried' about how much, what and when you eat. But I love their tools, like a calorie counter...input your food and its done for ya.

Not a lot of time for scrappin'. Hopefully, I'll get some done tomorrow BUT Saturday, Dorlene is coming over to crop. Gotta choose a project. hmmmmmm....

gotta include an Adriana pic...

I got to babysit her last night, and she is simply ADORABLE!!

Mom's been kinda grumpy lately...lots of 'muttering' and Michael can do nothing right, even his buying himself a new computer is 'wrong'..hey, its been 7 years since he's updated. And he bought it with funds he earned off his penny stocks, so I'm not complaining! but she is... aye yi yi..


Danielle said...

I get that way sometimes too. Don't really know why I am anxious, but I am. For me, it usually takes a few days to work itself out. I hope it goes quicker for you.


Betty Holland said...

I love SparkPeople's food tracking diary. It helped me to track my foods once I commited to logging everything in for a three week straight period of time! I lost 15 pounds in that three weeks just before my wedding last June. I love the pic of your kitty watching Tom & Jerry!

I saw your post on 2peas. Hope you are not worried any longer. Great blog! Keep your chin up.