Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday after Thanksgiving, Christmas countdown begins!

We had a terrific Thanksgiving! the Butterball Turkey was perfect, the company was great.. did miss the kids...but, that is part of them growing up, right?
and yes, the kitten had to be put in the bedroom during dinner. He simply would not stay off the counters when there was food!

Cierra and Chris hosted their first at their new home, and sounds like it was 'awesome'...luckily, Chris's family are good people...even though they are "Okies", Cierra did well.

Jason had to work, so Nyki and Adriana joined him at the station for a dinner pot-luck.

So, now we get to plan Christmas!

I tend to think of Christmas in terms of a weekend countdown...

Yesterday, did some shopping, all online this year...a lot of!!
all I've got left are gift cards for the teens/tweens.

and the next couple of days will be decorating...hopefully the kitten behaves!!
(and yes, I'll buy your swamp land, too)

gotta try to get Christmas Cards and gifts to Texas out soon, also

Next weekend, is a weekend with my friend Michele...cropping and a Christmas tea!!

the 12th is kinda open...though sometime, we are talking about a progressive dinner with the bible study group..

the 19th will be wrapping gifts (uh oh, kitten!!) and prepping the house for visitors.

Also going to do Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas...this will be my 3rd year.
sooo, how will I do this book? First year was an 8 1/2" x 11" in a binder with fun contemporary papers. Last year, a 12"x12" with traditional papers. Since it's Adriana's first Christmas..wonder if I can find some baby Christmas papers...

Ooooorrrrrr, I do have the Tinkerbell cart for my cricut...maybe I can dress her and her friends in Christmas colors and use those??? hmmmmmmmmm

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