Saturday, December 19, 2009

almost done shopping!

a couple of gifts for the guys and stocking stuffers and I am done!

now, hopefully, it will all arrive in time.

I've taken next week off from work...hopefully I'll get to babysit one of the days so the kids can finish their shopping...hint, hint.

then C and Chris arrive on Weds..then big family get together on Thurs...then I'll babysit on Sat so the girls can go day after Christmas shopping...then Sunday the kids go back to Texas (boohoo)...then Tues, my sis and nephew arrive to spend a week.

so, busy and fun next couple of weeks.

Today, Michael and I are going shopping with his parents...and tomorrow is an all afternoon, evening event with the Church Board (Michael is a board member) thing, lots of pic opportunities for the Shimelle JYC and P365.

I don't know when I can scrapbook! Got my Shimelle and ugly paper challenge..also joined the Scrap Your _____ challenge. (this month the challenge is to scrap your love using a pic of an inanimate object)

Speaking of P365; I have enjoyed it...but do I want to do it again for 2010?...

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CreativeChretin said...

Seems like you love challenge sites, so you should check out BTW, i'm on the edge too about P365 for 2010. It was a lot of work in 2009.