Thursday, December 3, 2009

down 2 lbs..

that's the good news, despite Thanksgiving and subsequent leftovers, I lost 2 lbs this week! I also did not take the weekend off from the treadmill, like I usually do, so, I think that is what helped. but, yay!!

guess what I did at work...I crashed one of our computer programs. I tried to make some manual changes in Quickbooks and yikes! one of THOSE messages!! oh my, whatta dummy.

And last night, I tried step one of the Operation Christmas Tree. I figure, with our extra playful kitten, I would need a plan... so, last night, I put him in the bedroom, while I set up the tree. I figured if he is not playing with it WHILE I'm setting it up, he won't see it as a toy. That is also my plan with decorating. I think I was halfway successful...

He was curious, he did 'check it at' and bat at some branches...but he did not climb it or knock it down.

So, next step is lights...again he'll be in his room...I'll let it sit with just the lights over the weekend...and then try decorating. Wish me luck!!

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