Tuesday, December 15, 2009

well, pooh!

I took today off...had a couple of projects in mind.

Send my Christmas cards, but, uh oh...no address labels. And what? Need printer ink??? Okay, on to the next project

Make my 'pet ornaments'. I've been using colored cd cases and basic gray papers. Down to my last pet!! So, I go to print his picture and what? Ink cartridge error, replace cartridge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

so, I ended up wrapping gifts the rest of the morning. Had a li'l 'help', but finally had to put Winston in the bedroom so I can finish.

Then baked cookies for the exchange. I made Minnesota Munchers...ooooh whee..are they sweet. Yes, I had one to taste and then another that broke. After those 2, I'm done...the rest of the broken ones are waiting for Michael on a plate.

guess, I need to make a li'l dinner and head out to the exchange...

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