Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Night..

was awesome! Michael and I joined the church's board for an evening out. Okay, he's a board member..I'm a 'tagalong'

We drove to Sacramento and ate at Fat's Dim Sum...oh my, chinese food. But I just ate small amounts and hopefully did not go over my calorie count by TOO much.

Then we went to Bayside Church...and what a service. Their worship and the songs and performance were amazing..the kids reading the Christmas story, adorable. And the sermon made you both laugh and cry. Then the candlelighting was just BEAUTIFUL!!

We did not come home till almost 11...and I got up this morning to babysit! Started @8 am...and though Adriana is now napping a li'l after 10...she has WORN me out! Constantly moving and getting into things. I know, I should take advantage of her li'l nap with one of my own..

esp since the puppy is napping also...he's a handful, also. aye yi yi

When the kids get back...maybe I'll go out and finish my last bit of shopping...then again..maybe not!!

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Sarah C. said...

Dylan is napping while I'm blog hopping and I should be napping too. LOL Sounds like you had a wonderful couple of days. I bet you are worn out from chasing your sweet granddaughter. I'm trying to enjoy the remaining days of Dylan's immobility! ;)