Thursday, December 10, 2009

soooo busy!

I feel like I'm just in a constant rush these, I took today off from work, need a 'catch up' day.

I've started decorating but am doing it in 'spurts', so, hopefully today I can simply finish.

so, I'm making my lists and trying to get organized...

finish decorating, shopping, scrapbooking!

I joined the Shimelle Journal your Christmas and all I've done is look at the website! Now, I have an excuse, my printmaster program 'blewup'...luckily I was able to pick up a newer version (I had gold) for $30 at the 'W'.

here are a couple of the trees..

without lights..its my fruit tree this year

a close up...

with the lights on:

and the dining room, pink tree:

my kitchen tree...hopefully you can see the s'more's and cupcakes...

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