Thursday, December 24, 2009

last night,

was our mini-Christmas. Ds works the next 3 days, he's a police officer, and dd and dsil arrived last night at 8:40 pm...sooooooooo, around 11 at night, when they arrived from the airport, we had our mini-Christmas gift exchange with the kids. (Adriana was asleep, so she will have hers sometime when her daddy is home with her)(luckily she is young enough that it doesn't matter to her what day it is).

It was fun...I got a cushy exercise mat (I've been putting a pillow under my knees for my sit ups), an ornament I can put photos in, a "Bella" scrapbooking set and 2 packages of pet-a-loo flowers. My kids know me so well!!

I had a li'l fun with of his gifts was a gift card to Game Stop. So, I put it in a dvd holder for a movie called "These Old Broads" should have SEEEEN the look on his face. He said, "I got These Old Broads..????", I told him "look inside"...teehee. He told us he was thinking... that he 'wasn't sure HOW to react', "is it an initiation?", "how do I say thank you?"..teehheee

Our little tradition is for the final gift..I give the kids clues and they have to hunt for it. (we've been doing it since they were little kids) Since this was dd's and dsil's first time at ds's and ddil's house, I set up the clues so it was a group effort. I think they had fun, dh and I did, watching them.

Anyways, the gift for each of the guys were more gift I put them in a shoebox with something heavy...ds had a hammer head in his, dsil had a 'salt lick' in his. They both open their boxes...ds starts laughing..dsil has this 'what?' look on his face. Teehee. Dh tells him, "I want my salt lick back"..

The girls got GPS systems...dd has a habit of calling me from Texas, "look at google maps, I took a wrong turn" and ddil...well, ddil is a blond, she can get lost even if you are in the car with her!!

very terrific evening, even if it was midnight before we got home!

this morning is the prep for the big family get together...gotta finish my mil's gift and cook for the pot luck.

here's a li'l pic...
we can be was after midnight..and for the Texans it was after 2 am!!

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