Monday, December 14, 2009

the weekend was busy and fun!

Friday, took mom out to do the running around...left here at 11 am...came home 6 pm..she said, she is 'never going to run errands with me again". But wait, its usually not this crazy. I came home, only to have Michael confiscate the credit card from me. He went online and saw how 'over budget' I am. teehee. Worked out well, cuz I was able to finish the majors...just have to get some stocking stuffers.

I handed it to him and told him "look, its still smokin'!!"...seriously, it did feel warm. HA! I love Christmas...and I LOVE shopping! and any chance to great by me!

Saturday, a much more mellow day..watched Julie and Julia...and I liked it. In fact, I now want that cookbook, so I can learn to make 'beef bourginan" sp? Anyways, I'm sure I'll get over THAT impulse. Me, want to learn to cook? HA!!!

Sunday, was our progressive dinner. Michael and I had the appetizer course...served spinach stuffed mushrooms, lime shrimp (both from the Sparkpeople website) and of course fresh veggies and ranch dressing (for the weight watchers like me).

We then went to Connie's house for the soup course, she had homemade cream of broccoli and cream of carrot soups...I had the carrot. It was yummy!! let's just say, Connie can cook!!! I did pass on the garlic bread...gotta minimize the calories, ya know. Oh, her home is simply gorgeous. It's an older home, and she has Victorian touches throughout and decorated for is stunning!

We then went to Lisa's...for salad. Here I could fill my plate without any worries.
lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes...yup, all on my 'good food' list. ha!
She does her home in Christmas Teddy fun!!

Then came the main course at Kathy's house...she and Corrina hosted that one (Corrina lives out of town)...YUMMY..Chicken Enchiladas, a Santa Fe Chicken (think marinated in lime w/cheese and homemade salsa on top, beans and rice! I had half an enchilada and a small chicken breast...skipped the beans and rice. Kathy has the tallest Christmas tree all done up in gold and red...she also has 'fruit' decorations, apples and berries...sooooo fun!!

Then off to the Pedersen's for the dessert course. They are the pastor's family and was having an open house / dessert social. Tons of people and wow, what a spread of desserts!! I allowed myself one lemon bar, then popped a piece of gum in my mouth.

They have two young daughters so on their tree was a lot of homemade kid's cute!!

my first progressive dinner and it was fun!!
Loooved getting the chance to see all the decorated homes. You know I took pics for my Shimelle album!!

We are talking about a game night for New Year's....hopefully...

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