Thursday, March 18, 2010

think its gonna be a good weekend!!

I have today off! (Thurs) as our company is moving...I finished packing my area yesterday, so I have today off...everyone else is finishing their packing.

Tomorrow, everything gets moved. They hired movers, so most of us employees have the day off.

BUT over the weekend, we all need to make an 'appearance' to set up our we can be up and running on Monday...

So, my plan, is to go on will come with me and after I set up my cube...we will go to Manpuku for lunch (if ya'll like sushi, I highly recommend Manpuku in Livermore)

So, today off...prob go to Modesto with mom (she is down to her last carton of cigs)
hope to scrapbook also

Friday, after church...PLEASANTON Scrapbook Expo!!

Saturday, work...then Manpuku!!

except for babysitting Adriana, pretty much my 'dream' weekend.

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