Saturday, March 13, 2010

some observations, after 2.5 days...

My mom-in-law used to say, that, "taking care of the babies is for young women..they have the energy for it"...she was correct.

I don't know if baby monitors are good for grandmas to use. Of course any li'l sound makes you 'startle'...then she just sounds so cute you want to get up and cuddle her anyways.

My knees don't like stairs.

Both Adriana and I like Costco Animal Crackers for our afternoon snack.

Winston is very clingy (I brought him with me) and he wants to BE the baby!!
(follows me around, meows at the door) (he is sleeping on Nyki's desk as I type)

GreatGrandmas..G.G., is worse than grandmas when it comes to spoiling. At least I'm willing to let her cry a li'l in the playpen..G.G. not so much.

As adorable as Adriana is...Patience is NOT her middle name.

And I think after 2.5 days, Adriana is missing her parents and is gonna be one HAPPY li'l girl tomorrow afternoon...and gma is gonna be one exhausted gma...for the next couple of days!! (good thing I took Monday off)

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