Saturday, March 20, 2010

rough night...

DH's company is in the midst of a move. He was up today and yesterday at 5am and got home late...last night, he was tossing and turning...moaning and groaning...and yes 'snorting'. (when he takes a deep breath at night, it ends with a snort)

ANYways, for only the 3rd or 4th time in our marriage, I ended up leaving our room to sleep in the guest room aka 'the Princess room'.

When I woke up this morning my first thought was, "This room is NIIIIIIIICE!"

I have Caribbean Teal walls, white linens, silver and dark wood. The mattress is mid-grade (not the cheapest not the most expensive) and the sheets are 400 count.

so here is a tour:

this is actually the first thing you see when you wake up, it was an inexpensive Walmart find, with the small collection of Gund on top

this kidney shaped vanity was an Ebay purchase, I got it plain, and mom and I covered it and made the skirt with an old sheet. I got the mirror at Urban Outfitters and I love train cases.

This is the Art Deco art..I don't remember the artist...but I looooove these. And the headboard was another ebay find.

this is the dresser my dd LOVES as it is taller than her!!!
I loooove that sepia dance print...

and here is the faux fur rug...I love the addition of this textile in this room (I took the pic with the light off...oh, and haven't made the bed yet)

The all white idea was inspired by a pic I saw on designer for it said in an all white room, you need to bring in various I got the furry rug, the taffeta bedspread, the sheer curtains and the cottons on the vanity...
I was going to do a shade of white on the walls, but FELL in love with this teal color. Before everything went in and only the walls were painted..dh and my mom thought I was CRAZY!! But when the bed was made and the white brought mom is the one who christened it, 'the Princess room'

I was also inspired by a statement dd made many years ago, about how she'd like an all white room with her black cat...of course, the reality is black cat is banned from the room...the fur is too hard to clean!! ha!!

Hope you enjoyed my li'l tour of one of my fave rooms...since I have a house of 30 colors...I'll probably post more...ha!!


Tracy said...

This is so pretty.

Hahaha black cat in a white room. NOT

Marlene said...

Beautiful room! Love HGTV. (And I totally "get" the snorting hubby dilemma!)

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful! I'm loving the teal walls. :)