Friday, March 26, 2010

rough week

had some intestinal issues that started on Weds. So, I took yesterday off...I did watch a 2 disk Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. And slept a lot. And went to the 'throne' room a lot. So, the highlight of my day was Colin Firth. I did not even scrapbook....but I did pull out some pp and pics for a page. Found the cutest li'l monster pp during my last stop at Richard's in Livermore. Reminisce Monster, we'll see.

I do have one more layout from Michelle's book.

the flowers are Prima and so is the pic matt...don't you just love Prima's packaging?

My mom will be leaving me least by June, she will be back in Texas with my sis and her daughters. Of course, Bre and I are trying to co-ordinate it so Bre picks mom up in Arlington...on June 3rd...yes, at GASC! teehee

Mom likes to go there for summer break, as Bre works full time plus some and Mom does not like the idea of my neices being 'home alone'. This time, she may stay permanently...but we always leave that 'in the air'...unless there is another hurricane and power is out and she can't watch baseball..ha!!!

Bre has 2 teen daughters, one who's going to be a High School Senior...the other starting HS, or ending Jr High (not sure) So, as you can imagine, its a li'l crazy over there...ha!! BTDT!!! (teenage girls and hormones and drama...yes, I remember the days, with a certain amount of fondness ... pbbbbbbbllllttt!!!

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Lydia said...

Hope you feel better soon, this layout is lovely and thanks for commenting on my blog, it puts a smile on my face!!