Monday, May 24, 2010

well, the dog keeps leaving.

He left last Monday morning...came back on Weds to eat and drink...he did hang out Friday, spent the 'night' but was gone by Sat afternoon. I wish he would stay...but Michael does not have another fence collar to put on him. Guess we'll make the decision about 'collaring' him after we get back from our vacation in a couple of weeks. Last night we were 'startled' by the sounds of coyotes in a frenzy...we just hope it was not him. Kinda breaks my heart.

Have I mentioned that I HATE coyotes.

Went to a crop on Sunday...worked on my Japanese family album. These were tough pics, as they were pulled out of an adhesive album, so they were slightly curled and hard to glue down. Yes, I used the originals, but don't worry I scanned copies.
AND emailed those copies to my sisters. I really wanted to get this done before mom left, so she could tell me who was who and stuff.

Once this is done, hope to work on the Indiana side album.

EEEEEk! its almost 9 am! buetter get my butt in gear!! got work today, but need to eat my breakfast and exercise!! last week of the dance workout month, I'll switch to Jillian Michaels!!

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