Thursday, May 27, 2010

no internet, on my computer

but its working on Michael's, we are connected to the same modem. What's up with that?

I've got one more day of work, then my 4 day weekend starts. Today is the payroll reports or I wouldn't bother. ha!!! But next week is a short one..and the end of the month. FUN!

No gain or loss this week, but I'm okay with this is 'that time of month', so NOT gaining is ALWAYS a plus!!

I get to babysit a little while tomorrow, J is doing overtime, Nyki is going to meet some friends to see Sex In The City I get Adriana during the 'overlap' YEAH

have I mentioned that mom is going back to Texas? She leaves next Thurs. We are thinking this is the last time, as Bre's new house is ALMOST DONE! So, Bre and the girls will move into their new home, mom will live in their old one..cuz Bre does not want to sell (and really can't in this market) (though TX may not be as bad as CA)... so mom will have a home of her own, her own garden, NO pets, and be close enough to the girls...sounds like the ideal setup for her...something that will work all the way around. She has neighbors she likes to visit, except she said the li'l old man once asked her for s*x. HA!!

Oh, I was good with the Biggest Loser finale, THEY ALL looked great. well, kinda. I thought they were all winners, except Melissa..she is still a byotch!! Did you see the way she walked on stage? I fastforwarded thru her weigh in, as long as she did not win...I don't care. My only, 'druther, was that the middle aged women seemed to look OLDER with the weight loss. I told Nyki, if losing weight makes me look older, I'm gonna put the weight back on!!

Wow, I have CMT on and Gloriana is one good group!! time to get a new cd!

did do some scrappin and crafting yesterday. finished my jean purse, I have a pic on the other computer...but can't post! ha, lets just say its HUGE! Mom laughs at me..BUT that's the point, to remind me not to let myself get that big again!!

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