Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my 3rd day...

of not going to work.

I don't know what is going on...I'll be 49 this month...does the body just fall apart?

I think its allergies...spigot nose, cough, sore throat..but also some other symptoms...slight fever, chills, filling the toilet, a general achey feel could I have a slight flu complicated by heavy allergy symptoms.??

On Monday, I sat down to scrap but could not focus and get anything done. On Tues, I went to work, for 30 min, but started to feel some chills and slight fever and went home. 30 min, my commute is 90 minutes total...yeah, whatta waste of gas.

and the worst thing for me, I had to cancel my Tues night babysitting. I sure do miss my Adriana!! though her mom says she's been a 'grumpy mess' this week also. Of course, I told her, Adriana just needs her grandma!! ha!!

I'm having soup as I type, then I guess its back to bed for me. another day of sleeping...I know that rest is good. But, man, it feels like such a waste!

I think what I'll do is go to work on Sat...if I'm makes sense. Then there will also be NO distractions and I can get my April close finished. I am one day from getting it done!! just have a few last frustrating. Hey, if I were done, I'd just take the week off and call it a vacation...ya know.

I have a crop on Sunday...supposed to bring "spring" themed goodies to exchange...I have an idea..BUT, when will I work on it? ha!!

okay, soup is done and bed is calling. One good thing, I get to spend more time with Percy, my cat. AND there is a mystery to be solved, Cassandra (our older princess cat) disappears during the day...I'd sure like to find her hideout!

the 'princess', she sleeps next to me at night...but where is she during the day?

This one is easy to find...just listen for crashing sounds...siiiiiigh

and here is 'momma's boy', very content to snuggle and nap-i-pooh with her...

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Sarah said...

I hope you feel better soon! Does not sound fun whatever it is. The cat photos made me laugh. That 2nd one reminds me a lot of my Chester - always seeing where he can climb & what trouble he can get into. :)