Monday, May 31, 2010

back to work, pooey

my weekend is over. Today started out really computer is acting 'wonky', so I spent the morning making discs of my pictures. AND as I had pics highlighted to copy to would make a copy in the file...I would highlight to delete...and it would make more copies! After much pounding on the desk, and cursing..I just concentrated on those discs. Gonna take my computer to work, so the IT guy can 'blow it out'.

I cleaned floors...all the tile floors. AND then took mom to the Nat'l cemetary so we could pay our respects to my dad. The place has grown, and was busy for Memorial, I admit, I got lost. BUT we did find it. She placed some yellow fake Japanese mums..she wanted yellow cuz its her fave color; the fake, so they'll last a while..and Japanese mums cuz she is Japanese. She just wanted to let Dad 'know' she was thinking of him. I put a small American flag with them. It was tough, but I'm glad we went. It is hard to 'revisit' the fact that he is gone.

She will be leaving for Texas on Thurs. This is supposed to be the last time, we'll see how it works out. The cats are looking forward to 'hanging out' in her room! teehee.

Came home and a family from church and Bible Study was visiting. The daughter, Jessica brought some of her pics and we started a scrapbook for her. We only had time to do her 'cover page'...but it was fun. She is @7 or 8 years old, she left her stuff..and we will work on it Weds nights when her dad is here for Michael's bible study. So, I have a 'once a week' scrappin buddy! ha!!

Then went to church to help do some crafting for the Apricot Fiesta booth. We decorated magnetic crosses. It was actually kinda fun! We worked with glitter paints, hot glue guns, fake flowers and sequins. AND one of the ladies in the Helping Hands committee bought one of my chalkboards. The one with the pink, glittery butterfly.

okay, off to shower, I only did a mile on the treadmill..with my late was after 9...but, gotta work tomorrow..lots to do...end of the month close! fun, fun.

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