Monday, May 17, 2010

got to crop on Sunday!

the best part is that Terry was there! Its been a long time since she has been able to join a crop.

I worked on C's dance pics. I did not bring very much, just paper 'kits' based on the photo, and basic embellies. So I basically got them matted and on paper...will embellish later. there are so many themes and colors, I couldn't pack embellies for all of them. AND it felt 'weird' to crop without a cricut.

There is going to be a crop next Sunday...think I'll go after church and work on the heritage album for mom's side of the family. I do want to go thru that while she is still here.

And then first week of June, mom leaves for Texas!

We may have a new dog. A German Shepherd has been appearing on the property for a week or so, this weekend, he has 'hung out'. We really like him, and hope that he is a 'fit'..and yes, that Kema and Rocks don't attack him. so far, so good. But you know how 'changeable' dogs can be, but the Shepherd, Michael is calling him Dude...shows the older dogs the proper amount of submissiveness.

did not exercise over the weekend...since I'll be busy the next two nights, gotta do it in the morning...too much fun!

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