Saturday, May 15, 2010

guest bed and bath

there is a thread on 2 peas asking for pics of your guest bedroom and bath...

went for a 'spa' feel in the guest bath.

Michael chipped the mirror when he installed it..but you know, I kept it, life isn't perfect so...

the 'princess room', my mom actually coined that phrase. At first everyone thought I was on 'crack'...the Carribbean teal walls were quite...yeah...but as soon as the chrome and white went in...they 'saw' it.

included this pic, so you can see the dark dd loves this dresser, cuz it is taller than her.

and here is the 'texas' room. when I had that quilt at the old house, dd asked, "you aren't going to put that on a bed at the new house, are you?" I could honestly say "No, I'm not putting it on a bed!"

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