Friday, May 28, 2010

well, geee...tough computer day, but I learned alot

dsil helped me get the internet running last night, over the phone he had me do a couple of diagnostics...then 'run' a program. Got it going. While I was 'netting, a message came up thru my AVG program...2 files with a 'Trojan Horse'...EEEEEEk call dsil! So we hit the button on the AVG, he has me install 'Avast'...and while installing more AVG messages about more 'Trojan Horse'!! lets just say, I run complete scans with BOTH Avast and AVG....and ....just craziness! But I did learn alot...

so, hopefully, all my security programs 'caught' anything before bad stuff happened.

sooooo, beyond all the computer fun, here is the stuff I crafted on Thurs..

I made these to sell at the Fiesta, Helping Hands is having a hand craft booth, just took some Stampin Up chalkboard graphics, put them in old pic frames, and used my cricut to cut cute shapes.
I was supposed to sew aprons for the booth...but my sewing is not good enough to sell. My seams are not consistent and straight, so I made these instead.

I also finished the details on this lo of my aunt in her traditional bride dress...

aaannnddd, taaa-daaa!! finished my jean purse! Mommy laughs at me...cuz they are so BIG!! told her that's the point, it will be a constant reminder to not let myself get that big again.

I really like the fabric I used on the has a zippered compartment on one side and 3 pockets on the other...but its a mess...not 'sellable' but good enough for me!

today is the first day of my 4 day weekend...gotta do stuff around the house, cut checks, run errands in town...wonder if I can scrapbook today! would LOVE to finish that Japanese heritage album...and the last 2 lo's for C's dance/cheer album.

oh, and for Spark's Step 3...need to watch an inspiring/motivating movie...any ideas?

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Sarah said...

Oooh, I hate computer viruses. What is wrong with people? Get a real hobby and quit screwing up the rest of us. :P ... Ok, off my soapbox now! LOL

Love your crafty projects! And that jean purse is awesome especially as a reminder. I still have a couple big pairs around and may have to lift the idea. Excellent inspiration to keep off the weight & get crafty! So glad I dropped in today. :) Hope you are having a good weekend!