Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the Fort Worth Stockyards today!

very nice to go visit. took lots of pics of the Stockyards and of downtown, can't wait to go home and scrapbook...actually, kinda sad to go home. BUT will spend Friday with Adriana while the kids shop, so that helps.

I got the 'feel sad, hit Like, post' on my FB page! I'm so upset, could it be the result of that whole Trojan Horse incident? did I hit 'like' button for someone else? if so, when? I'm glad our IT guy is blowing out my home computer as we speak.

last night, we watched Glee...I'm not really into the show...but dd 'caught me up'. The music was cool, but I was so pissed at the results at the competition. I would get any soundtrack cd...just not gonna get into the show.

wish me luck! gonna 'craft' a difficult email..hope i say 'the right' words!!

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