Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it's Tuesday!

as a side note, the dreams have been much more normal the past few days. BUT 'chicken' that I am, I do pray as I go to sleep. get that 'extra' security!

Had a great SUNDAY, spent the day with Adriana, as her mom went on a 'ride along' with one of her Dad's coworkers...and both were out from about 11 am to 3:30 am...so, I got an Adriana day!!

EXHAUSTING but wonderful.

I brought scrappin stuff, but she took such a short nap, I did not end up scrappin'...but we did get out the stroller and went for a nice long walk..to Baskin Robbins! after sharing an Orange Sherbet, we then went on a longer walk home (to burn those calories) G'ma was a li'l dumb, I did not wear walking shoes and got a blister! oh well!

We then played at home, translation g'ma chase her all through the house!

and went to a Chinese restarant with g'pa. I 'discovered' something, g'pas are worst at spoiling than g'mas. Yes, I kept telling him, she's had enough and he kept giving her more! (at least it was the peas and carrots from the fried rice). He even taught her to wiggle her shoulders in tune to "Ummm,ummmm, ummmm" while she was eating. It was fun!

And she was soooo good at the restarant..but then, I brought her her own dinner...so she did not have to wait to be served...she just got a li'l of the fried rice. Her mom requested she not have a lot of Chinese, as Chinese is notoriously high in sodium.. I really admire how her mom (my ddil) is being such a good, dilegent mom..and I completely respect and admire that.

so, Monday was a work day...but I did get to spend the morning with her and Nyki...since I spent the night..it was soooo hard to get in that car and go to work!!

okay, gotta do my dvd! I babysit tonight, my regular Tues night! yay!!!

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