Monday, June 14, 2010

vacation is over!

back to work today! boohoo

We spent a week in Texas...came home Thursday, cleaned like the 'dickens, babysat on Friday...shopped on Saturday and completely lounged yesterday. But today, poo-ey
Never did sit down to scrapbook. I'll have next Saturday to myself, as Michael will be at the neighbors. He is gonna be 'chute man' while they castrate the cows. all I can say is, have fun! I did ask him to take it could be an interesting scrapbook page.

My mom is staying in, I did like 5 loads of laundry on Friday...and a couple more throughout the weekend. So odd, I'm doing laundry again! and my own dishes! In many ways, I feel like the 'mistress' of my own home again! ha!!
Don't get me wrong, I miss her.

Friday morning, I redecorated the inlaw suite. I LOVE it! I put up a poster of I can look at that while treadmilling. I think the room will be done in a 'theme' of travels. Can't limit it to where I've been, only been to Japan (as a child) and Italy/Greece... so I'll have to include where I wanna Ireland, Scotland, England.. I have no real desire to go to France, but the pics are, I'll have posters of it, too.

I will take pics when I get my computer back. However, Saturday, I showed Michael my 'new space'..and he goes, 'where is MY space?" and thinking about it, in the house, he really doesn't have a space of his own. He even shares the office with both computers are set up there.

I felt a li'l guilt for a while, then I looked around the living room...he keeps his guitar and the tv monitor for the outside cameras in there and an inversion machine in my now unusable entryway...pssssssshhhhhh. AND he has total say in the acreage surrounding us, I have NO SAY about anything out there. Like the fact he is prepping it for permanent pasture so he can raise cows!(which I do not want, I don't want to be surrounded by c o w s ! He even tossed the candle holder I bought from Ikea to put on the porch table!! So, you know what, no guilt!!

I told him he could move my computer to another room so the office can be his 'cave'..but HE said no, that computer time is the only time we spend together, and if he moved it, he'd never see me. ha!!

well, should be driving to work soon! nah, I'll wait an hour, so traffic can 'die down'.. have I mentioned that I don't like work?

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Sunshine and Shadows said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your room redo. I don't blame you for not wanting cows. I don't think I would want cows either.