Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, with 2 flights @6hours each..I finally opened the extreme Suduku book my mom got me. It is something I've been meaning to try. between the flights, I did 26 of the 'easy' puzzles. The first 25, I cheated. No, I gave myself a 'handicap' by copying the diagonal answers, sometimes both rows. BUT by #26, I was able to do the puzzle without!! Yesterday, while Adriana napped, I did 4 'handicap'.

Altzheimers runs in my mom's family, so she does word search puzzles and jigsaw puzzles in the hopes of keeping her mind active...suduku just may be my way to stay mentally active.

Yesterday was a good day, I did miss my dd and her dh...and the grandkitties and puppies. BUT kept BUSY in the morning, I redecorated my mom's suite. No more, its kind of a 'travel' room. found a great print on Allposters, venice...added traincases...and pics of MY kids in silver frames. Simple do not need dozens of pics of my neices. (kept a couple, but most of those went into a closet) ALSO thoroughly cleaned out her bathroom, and made a couple of decorative changes in there. I do this everytime she moves out. And she redoes it her way when she moves back in. BUT this should be the last time...Tim's house is almost done.

then BABYSAT!! first Adriana took a nap, but when she woke up! Lots of playing, chasing her, dancing to 'retro disco'...watched a li'l Blues Clues...she is soooo precious, adorable, wonderful!! She carried her li'l blankie everywhere, even used it to do a li'l dusting! Put her in her blue/purple tutu...don't worry, got lots of pics. (just can't upload them, cuz my computer is still not fixed) (I'm using dh's till it gets back, and no picture uploading and stuff)

Today, grocery store, Walmart run (have I been seeing something about Cricut Lite?) and Best Buy (got a list from the dr of supplies for the computer)...when do I get to scrap?

oh speaking of scrap, did I mention the goodies I got at GASC? BG Oliver and Olivia and Max and Whiskers. Was able to resist the Max and Whiskers online, but once I saw it in person...had to have it! Also picked up 7 Radiant Rain glimmer daubers from the Crafty Scrapper booth...haven't had a chance to 'play', but the demo looked wonderful!! did the 'buy 10 get 12' bling and felt from Queen and Co. 2 t-shirts in a size large (no more X's in my clothes)(YAY!) and other misc. Yup, did go over my cash budget and spent too much. BUT what can I say, no lss this is my summer spree. for the fall spree...

I pre-ordered my tickets for the Expo in San Jose! Taking a copics class, and going to Fri and Sat all day crop!! soooooooo....looking forward to it!
Michele, if you are reading this, you should consider going!!

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