Wednesday, June 30, 2010

took the day off!

I'm all prepped for the close, was even filing for a coworker, I'm taking today off. It will be busy for me the following week...a day off is good.

So, other than a Walmart run and cooking dinner...its my day. What shall I do?

Well, I have 3 books waiting for that one last layout to be finished. I REALLY should work on them. And the men's bday cards need that one last touch..

That should be my concentration today...

Also I joined a 'new' website, Colorful Creations, I could do a couple of their challenges..

So, if I ever get off the computer, it could potentially be a very productive scrappy day!! ha!!!

I'll leave ya'll with this... what happens when I leave the scraproom door open...for some reason, Winston is absolutely fascinated with the glue dots'l stinker

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