Thursday, June 17, 2010

Windows 7

so my computer is back from the doctor...(our IT guy) and since I could not find my install discs for Windows XP, We had to go out and buy Windows 7. There is a bit of a learning curve for me, but so far its cool. (okay, found something I need to learn to move my pictures into files once they are off the camera..)

Like with my old HP printers, just had to plug them in...did not need to put in the installation discs...and they were installed!

I do miss my Kodak Easyshare program (I no longer have the printer)...I loved how I could print pictures from 5x7 to 16 per 4x6 page..and the mini pics were not 16 of the same...but could be 16 different pics! I don't have that ability with my new HP photo printer. siiiiiiigh.

the only downer is that I've been having a hard time getting on Spark! While in Texas, my facebook sent out the 'I'm sad..." message which is some type of worm. and dsil recommended I change my passwords to be safe...esp since this happened within a week of the 'trojan horse' incident. well, since then, I've been having trouble with the Sparkpeople sign in. double siiiiiiigh.

Last night, Nyki and Adriana met me at the local high school track/football field. They are opening it to the public on Weds for the summer. We did 8 laps (walking), which I'm told is 2 miles. It was nice, and Adriana was quite good... a couple of times she 'hollered'...but Nyki would tell her to stop...and she would!

here's a pic of her looking up at us while we were walking her...she says "Up!!"

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