Friday, March 4, 2011

loooong week, but a 'light at the end of the tunnel'


long, tiring week, I hate to admit, but there were a couple of nights I was in bed before 8pm. like last night. Is that a sign of old age?

Worked my 3 days, Monday was the dr scheduled surgery, yet. I only saw the ultrasound technician, but he was able to tell us that my blood tested negative for cancer and we were able to find my ovaries! He said the dr should call in about a week.

So, speaking of the surgery, any opinions about whether or not I should try to keep my ovaries and cervix? My regular dr suggests taking out the ovaries (since I'm 50 years old and they are probably gonna stop working within a couple of years anyways) and she said the cervix was up to me. I DON'T KNOW!

I kinda want to keep both. Ovaries cuz I don't want to go on hormone therapy and cervix cuz there aren't any problems with it. siiiiiiiiiiigh

I'm going to work tomorrow, Saturday...because on Sunday, I get to pick up my baby and her husband! They are coming for a quick visit...(my light). yay!yay!yay!
I get to see my baaaaaaaabbbyy!! I miss her sooooooo much, and her hubby too!
Let me tell you, it is HARD when your baby moves so far away. She's in Texas, we're in CA. So, I'll take Monday and Tuesday off. Not that I expect them to spend most of their time with me..but I'll be available!!

I also joined the Calorie Croppers group on 2 Peas...see if this helps...ha! I am sooo stuck on this plateau...the weeks I eat pretty good, I don't exercise...the weeks I exercise well, I eat poorly.... someday, I'll get it together!

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