Friday, January 13, 2017


I've been thinking, I want to 'capture' all these silly details of my grandchildren, before I forget... so here is Jase...

I have no other word for it, but Jase is a 'goofball'.  He approaches life with a joyful, silly energy.  He has one speed, "go" and one volume...'loud'...he is the embodiment of ADORABLE.

He will be 2 years old in March, and so is entering his 'terrible twos'...but I am calling it his 'tornado twos".   I have been fortunate to be able to babysit him since his mom went back to work.  

His first phrase was 'uh oh' as in 'uh oh' when food would drop from his high chair and 'uh oh' when he would drop food from his high chair.(usually with dogs waiting)   I would tell him "you cannot 'uh oh' when you do it".  His next phrase is "oooooh noooooo" as in "ooooooh nooooo" when he throws his toys all over the floor.  He will stand among them and say it.    

He is now saying "no, no, no, noooooo" and swinging his arms and wagging his finger at me, esp when I do something like, oh, take him out of the pantry.  As being a 'Pantry Pirate' is his new game.  Running in there to grab cereal or chips to sample, or run over to the gate to feed his dogs.

He also can tell us animal sounds.  He has most farm animals, except chickens, he doesn't quite want to 'cluck'.  He grunts instead of oinks for pigs, but that is because we watch Peppa Pig...and those pigs grunt.   His funniest is the sheep, he always 'baaaas' at the top of his voice.  Guess sheep are loud.

He loves books.  There are books that he will want read 4 or 5 times.  Zoom Zoom Baby, he can lift the flaps and tell me "noooooo" for the animals, and 'yeah' for the baby.   Brown Bear, he makes the animal noises and a favorite since babyhood is Who's Who at the Zoo.  a flap book.  the final page is a small mirror to show who the zoo animals see...and he always kisses his reflection...still does it.

He loves to dance.   His favorite cartoons are Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies (dances to the outside song), Mickey Mouse clubhouse (dances to hot dog song), and he likes Baby First...the crayons, Tick Tock Mice and Mio Mao...with Mio Mao it is not unusual for him to laugh, like the slap your knees laughing.   

He gives the best hugs, I mean full body, lean on you hugs.  He is getting picky about food.  Spaghetti is the favorite, or as his Dad has said, "he will eat cereal if you put marinara on it".  He avoids most veggies and chicken...yup, chicken.  But mom has a plan, she hides veggies in a lot of his foods, yes, even his spaghetti sauce....and muffins...and smoothies.   

He takes his toys and stashes them around the house, so I call him"Mr Stash".  And he can spend time playing quietly by himself.  Not long periods, but short bursts.  Usually it involves pulling toys from a container and throwing them, either  on the floor or around him, or stashing them in a new spot.   

Okay, just a few things so when I scrapbook them...I won't forget...ha!!!!!


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