Tuesday, January 17, 2017

my first process blog...ha!!

Not like I have a special technique, but I thought why not...maybe y'all can help me out by telling me what you do...so I can augment my style.

I did get to scrapbook a little bit on Sunday, before and after church.

First step, select pictures and figure out layout.  This one was on the backside of a previous layout on a pocket page.  the vertical pic will need to be cut down, or spread between pockets as I don't have a pocket for it.

 Select paper, this time I was drawn to something kinda 'themey'....the fish and crabs, waves...
 I ended up cutting the waves, ala, Kiwi Lane style, but the color combo felt a bit flat, so I ended up getting on orange from Crate paper to insert behind the waves.  I am such a simple scrapper, when I feel a page is done, I stop and ask myself...what else can I add?....I used some twine that has been on my desk.  I love using contrasting color combos...so, orange with the blues. And before it went into the book also added some blue and orange sparkly enamal dots with the crab and starfish (I still do the groups of 3's).  
 This is the other side.  I am still a 2-page scrapbooker where I do my best to make sure the pages facing each other have similar elements.   Again have a couple of pics that did not fit the orientation...so they get spread between a couple of pockets
 Then I came to a question...which stamp do I put on the bottom pocket...and ended up texting and asking Adriana.  (it is her book)

she chose "Life does not have to be Perfect to be Wonderful"
(too bad you cannot see it in the pic)

and for contrast, here is what I did for her sister's book with the pics from the same part of the trip. Did not use theme, used Illustrated Faith bits

Improvements I would love in my scrapping...layering embellies and journaling!!

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