Tuesday, January 1, 2008

celebrate the New Year...

from 2 peas: How did you celebrate/bring in the New Year?

Shopped all day yesterday, met my friend and her grandson...he is simply adorable by the way. Went to the Great Mall..a mile round of shopping, shopping and shopping. Went with dd, dil...after shopping we went to Trader Joe's to stock up on lunches for the week...cuz we are going to be eating healthier this year...
one of many resolutions.

Then watched Stardust with dd and dh. He made it (he usually sleeps thru movies)
but went to bed right after. went to bed @midnight, but was quickly awakened by the sound of gunshots...we live in the country, so I guess thats how some people celebrate. dummies.

I liked Stardust...looked like a fun role for Michelle Pfeiffer. And I do recommend it. Some of you may be uncomfortable with Robert DeNiro's cross dressing pirate, or be uncomfortable about your kids seeing it, so be prepared.

BUT Saturday night dd and I went to see Sweeney Todd. a movie we both Hated...I spent a lot of time looking at my dd's profile (its very pretty by the way) while turning my head to avoid the gruesome-ness. The only good thing was that Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham can sing...who'd have 'thunk'... but in general, a waste of time and money.

so, I guess its time to write out the New Year's resolutions...

1) healthier lifestyle and lose weight. Got a couple of incentives, my cruise in Oct and a possible wedding.

2) Study my Bible, I've really let that one lapse.
I'm hoping Faithsisters will help with that one.

3) Stop buying scrap supplies and use what I have!
(gotta save money for that cruise!)

3a) Finish projects I've started!!

So, I'm hoping today is a day of Scrappin', readin' and sleepin'...

ya'll have a great one!!

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