Friday, September 4, 2009

Learn Something New....

I joined this on Sept 1. So, I am behind. The concept is to be more observant during the course of our day...and find those learning moments. All I've done is take 'notes' each day...Have not started the book or layouts at all. Deciding what book to use, what I create daily layouts? My handwriting is awful, I cannot even read, I'll definately do computer journaling.

But I have a 4 day weekend (happy dance)...actually, hope to do this this afternoon...but feel a li'l 'dry' with ideas. THOUGH the gallery at is amazing! those are some talented ladies.

Oh, one thing I learned that first day...I'm not very observant to life's lessons!!
ha! in fact, I'm pretty darn oblivious! I've even thought about using this as a format to discuss my views about some of the issues of the day...but that would be pretty scary! ha!!

So, last week I bought a damaged album from M's. They gave me a discount...but sure could use some ideas on how to salvage it. Of course it was the last is 8x8 with an iradiscent lavender cover. I wanted to use it for my Mil's Christmas gift.

As you can see, there is an oily spot (it did clean off the plastic), but not the fabric in the corner of the inside cover...and a slight cut in the protective plastic sleeve.

ddil and I talked about a couple of ideas...just not sure how to implement them...

Hoping at least a couple of days will be 'pajama days' for me this weekend.

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