Friday, September 18, 2009

naughty little thing...

thats what my mom calls Charlette. Most cats learn to stay away, they actually run, when mom comes into the room. Well, Charlette hasn't, yet. She wants to play, and play is what she does, even when mom yells at her.

Charlette is so far the 3rd cat to show no fear at the presence of mom...Castor was the first. He was quite funny, when she first yelled at her, he looked at her, turned back and 'swatted at her' was like he was saying..."loud toy, but okay, I'll play"
she calls him "jason's naughty cat"

And the third cat is Colby...totally unflappable Colby...his attitude is "I'll do what I want, I don't care who is in my way".
What mom says about Colby..."he has a cute face, but I don't like him!"

I have not been feeling well the past couple of days. Started with a horrible sinus headache, centered on the right side of my head...but yesterday and today the pain is centered over my right eye...very weird.

Good news, my slice is home from the hospital! kinda funny, I sent it in a Stampin' Up box and this is how th box returned to me...

To show you how bad I feel, when I came home yesterday, I went to bed instead of 'playing with it'...hopefully, I'll get to play today after New Hope and my errands...

We are going to the kid's house tonight, mommachan is going to show Nyki how to make CA rolls....yummmy!!!

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