Thursday, September 10, 2009

kinda dreading today...

Today I go to the 'big city' for a seminar on payroll taxes, all day, from 9 to 3. hmmmmmm
It's about an hour away from my haven in the boondocks and a city I don't normally go to. (its Stockton)...yikes!! I have been told that downtown Stockton has been fixed up, at least a small section looks very 'park like'. Though a co-worker was saying that if I go outside of the 3 block area, I'll need to hire a bodyguard. ha!!
I know he's just playin' with the country 'rube'. right?

BUT I am excited, found a Michaels and an LSS on a couple of the main streets...I figure if I am within sight of hiway 5..I won't get lost.

So, wish the 'rube' luck...she's venturing out to the big city!! ha!!
But hopefully, she'll be returning with some scrappin goodies.


Javajunkie said...

You'll be there during the day, so you should be alright :D Just in case, don't stray to far from those three blocks. Good luck on the shopping!

Renee Lamb said...

Your post reminds me of the beverly hillibillies though I'm sure you're not that "rube". LOL - good luck in the city! I was there for training a couple years ago and I certainly wouldn't wanted to be in certain parts alone but overall it seemed like a nice place!