Thursday, September 10, 2009

the 'rube' in the city...

The seminar was actually very good and interesting. She, of course, had to make her obligatory 'digs' toward Arnold (our governator) but it was still very interesting.

After the lunch break, while waiting for the seminar to restart, some of us started discussing Quickbooks and I just thought, "what a bunch of nerds we are"

So, the 'rube' struck again. Some of you may remember what happened to me in downtown Sacramento a couple of years ago when I went to the Scrapbook Expo. I went the wrong way on a one way street and was actually driving on the tracks the mass transit cable car thingy goes on...yeah, a police officer actually pulled up to escort me to the correct direction...y e a h.

Well, today, I wasn't that bad. I actually stopped myself before making that wrong way turn. Though, I had to sit there with my car pointed in that direction...until the light turned. sooooo embarrassing. Then I found a deli, Beach Hut Deli (if you are ever in Stockton, stop by, it is soooooooo yummy) and parked in front of it. So, at the register, I asked the kid...can I park there? though the curb was white, there were no lines or meters. He said, 'actually, no. You are supposed to park in the garage across the street and I'll validate your ticket." Okay, so I left him my order and money, jumped in the car and parked in the garage...ran down 4 flights of stairs (got my cardio!!) and exited a door that did not face the street with the deli. Fine, I'll just go around this building till I find it. YAY!! got my change, my lunch (like I said YUMMY)...and head back to the EDD (seminar location). Got a li'l lost...but found my way proud.

(Here's a pic of their surfboard table )

BUT the good news, found an LSS!! Scrapbook Dreams on March. It was just a couple of turns from the EDD. Nice lady, told her my sob story about how since Youngplay's went out of business, I've been LSS less. Picked up June Bug and Abbey Road...and the cutest frog paper you can imagine. also picked up their hour away, but you never know.

And then proceeded to Michael's...SCORE!! the last letters of the Studio G alphabet stamps are now mine. I have the complete collection!! with a couple of extras, if anyone is looking for a T or a Y or a Z...let me know.

then the best part of all, a call from ds. Ddil will be babysitting for a friend, would I like to come over and help with Adriana. She got her shots today, so was not feeling we tag teamed it. Even fussy, I love being around her. I mean, who needs eardrums...right?

Here she is later...

always adorable. I told her, 'great lungs!!'


nyki said...

i love that pic, her eyes look a lil misproportioned in the large one but the smaller one you can't tell so much. and the bottome one...oh my poor baby,she didn't have any trouble the last time she had shots so which one of you were pinching her!:)

Javajunkie said...

Love the pretty soft pic of her! Look at those chubby cheeks

On the shopping--I thought you were downsizing :D