Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm home today...

but not for a good reason, because I have a massive sinus headache...its like someone is holding bricks on half my face. Since I'm so bored at work, I'm staying home today. I'll go to work tomorrow, my boss has a couple of projects for me and I'll have the labor distribution. so, today, its Tylenol Sinus, warm drinks and hopefully some scrap time.

I'm behind on all of it, Shimelle, P365, and a swap I'm in. Would like to spend the day working on them...when the Tylenol kicks in and I feel human again.

I got to see Adriana last night. She and Nyki came over for really enjoyed her also. She was doing her 'nonsense' talk and Adriana was laughing!! sooooo precious.

The news is so bad isn't it. Acorn, Cap and Trade, the incident on the school depressing...What have we come to?

So glad the 2 boys are facing criminal charges, but so should the ones who were cheering and the bus driver. That was the point of that Jodie Foster movie, the Accused, wasn't it??...that the people cheering the crime are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

Then you have Kanye West, proving what a douchebag he truly is. I am so proud of Taylor Swift and how she handled the whole thing and Beyonce showed she is one classy lady.

gotta change the channel, I am getting too upset.

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