Sunday, September 6, 2009

now, that's a Saturday!


In the morning, I met Susan at Starbucks. We sat for an hour or so just having fun conversation and, for me, an Iced Chai w/ 3 pumps chai, 3 pumps hazelnut, breve and coffee cake.

Came home and started scrappin'! Worked on the Shimelle book.
Am using my pp scraps, computer for the journaling and a handwritten quote about the topic of the day. So, a li'l more complicated than I originally planned. Because it has a few steps, I also prep'd a few 'blank pages'...used the cardstock and during the week I can add my pic, journaling and quote.

here's a couple with quotes I love: the first is from Ben Franklin..."If rascals knew the advantage of virtue, they would become honest" Got this from a book called Wisdom Made in America

and this one: "Older women are like aging strudels - the crust may not be so lovely, but the filling has come into its own" Robert Ferrer Capon. got this from the internet

Then the rest of the afternoon spent watching some of the Criminal Minds I have dvr'd and doing my P365 album. I'm still keeping it up! This is another 'simple formula' project. I don't know if I'll do it again next year. Maybe if I get the kit. But it is interesting to look back. There are days where the pic is a pile of dirty laundry or dishes...but there are interesting days also.

Then, dh cooked me dinner. Steak, mashed potatos, corn...yummmy!! but, our agreement, is whoever does not cook, does dishes. I had to clean...3 big pots, broiler pan, frying pan, 2 small saucepans and 2 covers. and dishes.
he's a great cook...but I do believe he uses every pot/pan in the kitchen!!

and I even did a li'l treadmill.

so, all in all, a really good way to spend a Saturday.


Angie P said...

thanks for the blog comment the other day, to answer your questions the paper on the layout was the REBEL line by GLITZ

Javajunkie said...

I was trying to explain to Ken how we ended up talking about pets :D I got some cleaning done in my room on Sunday and even made a card!
Did you sign up for Shimelles' (?) class? Or are you just following along from the board? Love the quotes! I have been tempted to start the 365.