Saturday, October 31, 2009

well, yesterday was fun...

In the morning, I dropped off Bubba for his 'male surgery'..will pick him up today.
Went to the church to take care of checks and then took mom out to Modesto-land...Baby's R Us, a Halloween Store, Michaels (of course), Target, lunch at Applebees and Walmart. I found a Halloween costume for Adriana, the one Nyki liked at the W...

Then we came back home, mom had a couple more errands in town, drop off mail, pick up prescription, grocery store...such a busy day for my day 'off'.

Yes, I hadn't gone to work since Tues..but those were 'sick' days.

Then stopped by the kids' house to drop off the costume...Nyki did not get it cuz, 'they aren't going anywhere for Halloween"...hello!! scrapbooker...I don't care if she goes anywhere...I want the pictures!!

I got to meet their new puppy..I say 'puppy' loosely...he's a great dane and already bigger than our dogs! And he growled at me...for a loooong time. Now, animals generally like me, this was weird. (and Michele, I did learn from the episode with your devil dog, to not show fear) (but I was a li'l scared) I just talked to him, told him, "I'm the grandma, and I'm gonna be here a lot"...told Nyki, "I'd better not touch you or he'll think I'm attacking you"..she said, "actually, that may help" I hugged her and told him, "Seeeeee friends"..

Then Adriana woke up, Nyki got her and brought her down to I was holding her, Doofus (that is what I am calling him) came up to sniff me. I started praying, 'oh don't let him bite me when I am holding her...I don't want to drop her"
but he didn't, I'm thinking her acceptance of me, made him accept me. And by the end of the visit, we were all in the living room and he even licked my hand.

AND as I watched, Adriana went from her tummy to her bottom...a li'l wobbly...but she is figuring out how to sit on her own! yay!! and she loves to baby jabber.

The doctor says her weight is low, so they are adding more cereal to her diet..but I told Nyki, maybe she is just petite...she is 1/8 Japanese...but develepmentally she is coming along...

today, I get to spend a couple of hours with her while mom has a baby shower downstairs...yay!! and you know I'll be bringing my camera!!

came home and guess what? our water pump went out! we have no water!! isn't THAT lovely...

Oh, and the internet was off all day...and we haven't had an oven since Monday, when the winds took out our power. I LOVE this oven, its an LG double oven...but it is a P.I.T.A...this is the 2nd time its done this...I'm thinking cuz its sooo computerized? I dunno, just wish I had an oven to make some enchiladas.

and Michele, happy belated birthday...I left you a Facebook post...but I don't think you go on FB! Wish we were back in Venice to celebrate...and we've got to get serious about planning an Alaskan cruise with the boys..

oh, and watch the show "Pit bulls and Parolees" on the animal planet...wowza, I was in tears at the end...

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