Monday, October 26, 2009

this weekend

We had a great retreat up in the mountains...great people to hang out with; fun times, hard work as we discussed solutions...but...we'll lets just say, do you remember the I love Lucy episode, where they are traveling to Hollywood and they stay at a hotel where the bed caves in the middle and moves around when a train passes by? that was our bed. As an older married couple, we were given one of 3 bedrooms..we had a double bed that dh says was missing the middle slats. Every time dh would toss and turn (which he does a lot) the bed would shake and dip to the middle. I spent the night holding on to the side, just knowing that mattress was going to fall to the ground. So, fun weekend...hardly any sleep. Now it worked fine, when it was only me (during an afternoon break)...I could sleep diagonally.
I don't even want to try to guess what critter was scurrying on the roof every night!

sooo fun! also a copy of Nights of Rodanthe was left there, so I read it during the breaks and before bed time. What an EXCELLANT book!! Then I was stupid, when we came home last night the movie was on...and I watched it. What a HORRIBLE movie...soooooooo much was changed. They took away the father, who even though he was in a nursing home with a stroke was integral to her character and healing. They kept it in present day...and the fact that in the book she was a 60 year old sharing a 15 year secret with her daughter...was soooooo important. They made Paul out to be a jerk...there was no fight scene after Tolliver's tossing of canned food...the changes in the movie ruined the story.

Though I thought Scott Glenn's portrayal of Tolliver was amazing..the highlight of the movie. The emotion in his calm voice and brown excercise in acting. (which Gere can use)

So, if you have not read the book. READ it! If you have not seen the movie...DON'T!!

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CreativeChretin said...

I read the book and did not like the movie either. Typically, that is the case for all books that are made into movies...disappointing.