Monday, October 19, 2009

good weekend...

had fun cropping! got a lot, I hope to spend the morning working on the journaling for a few layouts and get some posted on the challenges I've been doing.

My canvas tied for first I got a set of foam alphabet stamps.
(It's of Adriana ... so I put it up in the kid's house)

We did an ugly paper challenge...I won a prize for bringing the ugliest was from DCWV's Downtown Loft stack. But Ashley won the contest for best use with my papers!! so there!!

Susan did not want to bring home her stack of she gave them to me...they will be Adriana's scrapbook training papers.

yesterday was pretty mellow...I took a loooooong morning nap, watched some Criminal Minds...and bugged the Texas family. My kids, all 4, ds, ddil, dd, dsil and my li'l cupcake went to visit both my sisters for the day. First Linda and Pierce; then Brenda and her family (don't ask why all could not get together)

Of course, my sisters think my kids are wonderful and li'l Adriana is adorable.
I am blessed, my kids chose great spouses and they are all simply 'good' people.
Wish I could have been there...cuz I am sure missing ALL of them!!

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