Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adriana's home!

"Adriana's home, YAY YAY YAY, Life is good again, the World makes sense again, cuz Adriana's home"...that's the song I was singing to Adriana last night at the airport.

Yesterday was pretty good...I got to pick up the kids and my li'l cupcake from the airport. But to be in Sacramento by 8pm..I left work at 4pm..stopped at the mega-Joanne's off of 8 mile Rd in Stockton and ALL Scrapbooking (except cricut and yudu) was 40% off. Spent an hour and $50 there...then went to the Ross next door.

Left there @6:30...went to Sac and stopped at the IHOP near the Arco Arena for, it was a leisurely drive avoiding rush hour traffic. Very nice,

and did I mention...ALL Scrapbooking at Joanne's 40%off!!!

I got the Tinkerbell stack (like Ashley's from the crop), a package of gel puff pens, some tinkerbell embellishments, photo transparancies, perfect medium pens, pad and refill... wish we had a Joanne's closer to home. (Modesto is the closest)

We are off this weekend, for a retreat with the church. I may bring small scrappin' finishing my swap pages...for the scheduled 'down' times. We'll see! I'm a li'l extra a li'l worried about my snoring. aye yi yi

poor mom...her Dodgers lost. she is very bummed this morning. but I'm not!! cuz my Adriana is home!! yay yay yay!!

when I came home @ midnight..I asked dh "What were you calling the kitten today". his answer, "Prince Albert"...aye yi yi..he is such a goof!!

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